Junge Chemie Regulars' Table
Pub Quiz and Regulars' Table of Junge Chemie Linz

Local representatives Linz

Date and Time
6/7/2022, 18:00

KHG Heim Linz: Studierendenheim Franz Jägerstätter, Mengerstraße 23, 4040 Linz

Registration: Send an e-Mail to linz@jungchemiker.at. Deadline: 6/3/2022

On 7th June, Junge Chemie Linz invites you to a regulars' table with a pub quiz at the KHG Heim! Many exciting questions from various fields await you, so of course we also welcome students from other fields of study. Teams with a maximum size of 6 people are desired. Entry is free, but we ask you to send a message per group to linz@jungchemiker.at to register. Each group should indicate the number of group members and the group name. In addition, each person receives a free drink.

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