Regional representatives

To provide an attractive program in every part of Austria, local representatives are operating at key locations. They organise events and form the link between the local young scientists and the Junge Chemie board.

Regional Representatives Graz
Image of Oliver Pirschl

Head of Representatives: Oliver Pirschl
After completing my bachelor's degree in chemistry, I enrolled in the master's program in chemical engineering. In addition to my studies, I wanted to gain insights into industry and establish valuable contacts within the private sector, so I joined the Young Chemists. As an active member, I can now offer this opportunity to other students by organizing lectures and excursions. What I particularly appreciate about the Young Chemists is the high level of commitment that members bring to the table. When working in the various areas of responsibility, you have a lot of freedom, but when problems arise, you are immediately given a helping hand, which makes the collaboration an enriching experience.

Image of Lukas Tarmastin

Secondary Head of Representatives: Lukas Tarmastin
Introduction follows soon!

Regional representatives Innsbruck
Image of Andreas Schöler

Head of Representatives: Andreas Schöler
Since October 2018, I study Chemistry at the University of Innsbruck where I came into contact with the Young Chemists in my very first semester. I enjoyed the events and the community very much and decided to become a part of the team in June 2019. Since then, I got to know many interesting personalities and had a lot of fun with my fellow members. It just is super exciting to be a part of a highly motivated team.

Image of Valentina Stock

Secondary Head of Representatives: Valentina Stock
In 2016, I started my Chemistry studies at the University of Innsbruck where I currently pursue my Doctoral programme. I joined the Young Chemists at the end of my Bachelor’s programme and enjoy being a part of it for various reasons: For one, I do not only get to know fellow colleagues from my university but also future chemists from all across Austria. Furthermore, there are several opportunities to come in contact with industrial companies while also gaining additional competences like organizing seminars or even bigger events. Of course, there is also always room for casual social gatherings. I really look forward to future projects.

Regional representatives Linz
Image of Laurenz Krestel

Head of Representatives: Laurenz Krestel
Since 2017, I have been studying Chemistry and Chemical Technologies at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz. Early on in my studies, I became acquainted with Young Chemists Linz, which promote togetherness among students with fun and educational events. Since I have been interested in business and science for many years, especially in chemistry, it is important to me to bring the interests of the industry closer to the students.

Image of Adrian Theil

Secondary Head of Representatives: Adrian Theil
Since October 2017, I have been studying Chemistry and Chemical Technologies at JKU in Linz. From the beginning I had good contacts to members of the Young Chemists Linz and also participated in some events. Therefore, in the summer of 2021, I decided to join the Young Chemists and become a part of the Linz regional representation. During this time, I was able to get to know chemistry students from all over Austria and also helped organize various events. I am happy to be a part of this team as there is a positive and supportive environment and you also have the chance to learn a lot about the chemical industry and chemistry in general in Austria.

Regional representatives Salzburg
Image of Kerstin Neuhauser

Head of Representatives: Kerstin Neuhauser
In March 2022 I started my master’s studies in materials science and one semester later I became aware of the Austrian Young Chemists. I was convinced of what they were doing and decided I want to actively participate to create contact with other students interested in chemistry. The organization of events and the contact with the industry are further points that make the work with the Young Chemists interesting and exciting.

Image of Jakob Praxmair

Secondary Head of Representatives: Jakob Praxmair
I am currently working on my dissertation in the field of photoelectrochemistry at the University of Salzburg and have been a member of the Young Chemists since 2021. Connecting students with industry, research, but also with each other is the main motivation for me to actively participate. Over the past few years, I have come to appreciate the informative and entertaining events organized by the Young Chemists just as much as the people I have met. That's why I want to make sure that this program continues and is expanded.

Regional representatives Wien
Image of Noah Steinacher

Head of Representatives: Noah Steinacher
I am currently doing my bachelor’s in technical chemistry at the TU Wien and joined the Young Chemists in May of 2021. I was quickly convinced by the concept and I’m happy to be part of such a great group. The new perspectives that one can experience as a part of the Young Chemists make it interesting to contribute here. It is our goal to become the intermediate between students who want to learn more about chemistry than the curriculum offers and companies or institutions.

Image of Adrian Köber

Secondary Head of Representatives: Adrian Köber
Introduction follows soon!

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